The vast web of politically motivated organizations and the mega-donors who fund them have extraordinary influence over our political discourse, and our elections. These groups have orchestrated a campaign to stack the courts, including the Supreme Court, with ideologues who prioritize right-wing politics over the American people. Many harbor extremist ideologies, and push anti-democratic, anti-American agendas while drowning out the voices of ordinary citizens. 

While operating in the shadows, these individuals and groups provide the funding and resources to support campaigns that have attacked voting rights, reproductive rights, and attacks on our environment. They are committed to advancing a right-wing agenda that benefits their own narrow interests while being deeply unpopular – and often harmful – to the vast majority of Americans. 

Monitoring Influence exposes the connections between these political actors and their donors who frequently hide in the shadows, so the American people understand who is behind these efforts and are empowered to push back against them. 

More profiles covering influential organizations and individuals in other issue areas will be released in future updates. 

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